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MITCHELL Pest Solutions is the polite, professional, and punctual solution to your pest control needs!

What sets us apart from the rest? There are many reasons why we are not your average pest control company, one of the biggest is our commitment to service excellence.  We don't see you as just another customer, we see you as a member of the family!  We're not another service provider, we are "Your Solutions Provider!"


Mitchell Pest Solutions is a family-owned business. We have many years of experience in the local Pest Control industry, and we’re using that experience to provide solutions to your home and business! At Mitchell Pest Solutions, we are committed to utilizing the latest science to maximize results, and minimize risks to the environment. We never stop learning! That’s why we continually consult with the leading chemical manufacturers and board-certified entomologists, to ensure that we are always one step ahead of our competition, and the pests that plague Southern Nevada.



The Mitchell Brothers

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