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Commercial and Residential Bird and Rodent Exclusions

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Solar Panel Exclusions

Solar Panels are great, environmentally friendly energy solutions that is becoming increasingly popular in the Southern Nevada region.  With such a large up front investment, it is important to keep them clean and in good shape.  When pests such as pigeons and rodents make your panels their home, it is imperative that they are removed and kept out as quickly as possible.  Bird droppings from pigeons can decrease the effectiveness of your panels by over 90%!  Rodents living under and around panels can cause very costly damages by chewing wires and possibly even starting fires.  Mitchell Pest Solutions uses  Coated wire mesh that looks nice and holds up to our summer sun to keep these pests away from your investment!  We also clean your panels while we work to keep them at the highest level of efficiency.

Roof Exclusions

There are many areas that birds nest in which may not be acceptable for the humans around them.  Mitchell Pest Solutions is dedicated to providing effective exclusions for these areas.  From single family homeowners to casinos and hotels, MPS is the provider for you!  There is no job too big or too small, and we are always willing to put our creativity to the test for those challenging areas where other methods have failed.  Contact us today for a free estimate and we will be happy to come out and let you know what we can do to help.

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Rodent Exclusions

If you have rodents in an area in and around your home or business, it is important to take care of the issue as quickly as possible.  Not only can rodents spread disease, but they are also responsible damaging homes and even causing fires.  From rodents in your attic to rabbits in your yard, we can offer exclusions for your business or home.  If you're getting pests in any area they shouldn't be, give us a call and see what solutions we can provide for you!

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