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Mitchell Pest solutions understands that no matter the size and structure of your business, cleanliness, compliance, and customer satisfaction are the keys to success.  That's why we offer commercial pest and bio remediation solutions to keep your customers happy and safe, and keep your business flowing in.  We are not just another service company, we are "Your Solutions Provider!"

Fly Lights

Flies are an unfortunate part of living in a warm climate like Las Vegas.  They can cause many issues for restaurant, and they're unsightly.  If you're interested in fly control at your commercial establishment, give us a call today. We have many control options available.

Surface De-Greasing

In commercial kitchens and other areas, grease can sometimes build up heavily.  Mitchell Pest Solutions offers a surface de-greasing program using our live enzymatic foams and gels that easily break down caked on grease.  We can cut your cleaning time down considerably by pre-treating heavily greased areas, making it easy for your staff to simply wipe away the matter instead of spending valuable time scrubbing.  

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Hotel Room




Warehouse Shelves


Apartment Building


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